8/10/2019 Updates New Nether Generation, Mob Money, Entity Cramming and More!

Hey, guys, I hope you are all enjoying the server. I have been hard at work to bring you all some amazing features and keeping the server running smoothly. I have some exciting updates for you all to enjoy.

Nether Update

The nether has been updated to be more exciting. Zombie Pigmen have received and update. You will now find some with a diamond sword, This is a special Zombie Pigmen that also has a custom loot drop. The Ghast has also received an update giving it the ability to become invisible for a short period of time.

New Mobs

Different mobs have been added and others have been buffed in order to make the nether a more treacherous place to adventure in. Now instead of waltzing into the nether with a stone sword and no armor, you will need to prepare and learn the ways to defeat new monsters to survive.


When the time of wither and their servants were still in their prime, wither scholars explored the vast network of magic that resided in the nether. The only problem is that the infinite amount of knowledge transformed them into an abomination that took on the powers of the wither and attacks any humans on sight.

Old Shadow

An ancient manifestation of the fears of man that hungers for more power. It wanders the dark world of the nether in search of players and devours them inside of itself.


A being made of lava that is so hot it scorches the ground it steps on.


A ghast trapped within a skeleton. Due to the skeletons power, the ghast can only launch weak fireballs at the player but they still pack a punch without fire resistance.


A flying eye that sees all and burns all. If a player is spotted, it will burn the player alive unless he is sneaking. Due to their low intelligence, sneaking causes the inferno to loose sight of a player.


A living error. Further research into the Sherogath gives evidence that the nether is a simulation of the overworld rather than a real dimension.

The Sadness

Living Sound that changes based on how close you are, attacking this sound close enough causes the sound to aggro and attack you back.
Invisible Entity! Picture Not Available.

Alpha Pigman

Pigman that was given enhanced physical qualities during the great wither war to fight against the ghasts. Now wanders around without purpose with its brethren.

Collapsing Nether

With so much pressure of the ground above on the nether and the heat of the lava, the nether’s netherrack is very unstable. Every now and then, ceilings will Collapse so watch your head.

Nether Lightning

The nether should be as chaotic as possible to challenge the player. So, I added lightning. The lightning doesn’t strike the player always, but it’s strikes randomly every now and then to add extra ambiance.

Ambient Sounds

Ambient sounds have been increased for the nether in order to make the place as spooky as possible. When lower down in the nether, you will hear metal clanking in the distance, monster roars, and more. While you are higher up, wind sounds will be played.

Footsteps also have new sounds. Netherrack makes a squishy sound and soulsand makes tiny screams and moans when walked on.

New Item Effects

“Okay, if the nether is so dangerous then why should I even go?” you are probably saying. Well, there are new items that only spawn in the nether that are useful and helpful.

New Potions

Zombie pigman and Wither Skeletons aren’t as useless as they were before. Zombie pigman now have a chance to drop haste potions while Wither Skeletons have a chance to drop Splash Potions of Wither.

New Enchantment

Blinding is a new enchant that comes with the swords that Alpha Pigman have. In order to obtain one, you have to kill an Alpha Pigman. They come in either Blinding I or Blinding II and can be further enchanted.

Lava Buckets

In the nether, lava buckets become super-heated and burn the player when held. Not only that, but placed and picked up lava is in a sphere instead of a single block.

Block Mechanics

Soulsand and Netherrack now have new mechanics that change the way you travel / mine in the nether.

Netherrack has a chance to spawn fire when mined.

Soulsand doesn’t like to be run on. If you are caught running on soulsand, the souls inside the soulsand slow you down drastically so that you can barely run.

Mob Money Has Been Nerfed

Money for killing mobs has been nerfed across the board. Money was able to be generated too quickly and OP farms were unfair to other players, This would also make it hard for newer players to catch up due to large wealth gaps.

Entity Cramming Update

Entity cramming has been reduced to match on all worlds. Some farms *cough*Enderman*Cough* Were causing the CPU to jump up to 90% with only 2 players online. This would make the game unplayable when users logged in. These farms were also incredibly OP allowing players to rank up quickly and collect large sums of money.


Companions have been added! Each companion will provide players with features and buffs unique to the companion. Each companion will only be available for purchase for a limited time. Some are rarer than others and will come around less often. This makes each companion a rare collectible that will help you along your journey.

Here are some of the current companions in our store. Be sure to read up on them and see what buffs they provide.