Action Commands

/guild cancel  If a user has an active action, it will cancel it and not proceed further with what they were trying to do.

/guild confirm  If a user has an active action, it will confirm the action and continue with what they were attempting to do.

Ally Commands

The ally commands are a set of commands that let guild members control different actions such as listing their current allies or adding and removing them!

/guild ally accept <guild>  This command allows you to accept an ally invite from another guild if there is one currently pending!

/guild ally add <guild>  This command allows you to send an ally request to another guild!

/guild ally decline <guild>  This command allows you to decline and incoming ally invite from another guild!

/guild ally list  This command allows you to list all the allies of your guild!

/guild ally remove <guild>  This command allows you to remove any of your current allies!

Bank Commands

/guild bank balance  Allows you to check the current balance of your guild bank!

/guild bank deposit <amount>  Allows you to put money from your balance into your guild bank!

/guild bank withdraw <amount> Allows you to take money from your guild bank and put it back into your personal balance!

Claim Commands

/guild claim  Create a guild claim surrounding you!

/guild unclaim  Get rid of your current guild claim!

Code Commands

This feature allows you to create an invite code with the option of one-time-usage or multiple-uses and you can give it to anyone, then they can use that code to join the guild at any time!

/guild code create [uses]  Create an invite code for your guild that can be used by anyone!

/guild code delete <code>  Remove an invite code from your guild

/guild code info <code>  Allows you to retrieve specific information about a guild code!

/guild code list  Allows you to list all your current guild codes!

/guild code redeem <code>  Allows you to redeem an invite code!

GUI Commands

/guild buff  Opens the guild buff GUI.

/guild list  Opens the guild list GUI.

/guild vault  Opens a guild vault GUI.

/guild info  Opens up the guild info GUI.

Homes Commands

/guild delhome  Delete your guild home.

/guild home  Teleport to your guild home.

/guild sethome  Set your guild home to your current location.

Management Commands

/guild create <name> [prefix] Create a new guild!

/guild delete Deletes your current guild.

/guild kick <player>  a player from your guild.

/guild prefix <prefix>  Set a new prefix for your guild.

/guild rename <name>  Set a new name for your guild.

/guild status  the status of your guild.

/guild transfer <player> Transfer your guild to another person.

/guild upgrade Upgrade your guild’s tier.

Member Commands

Commands handled by members of the server/guild.

/guild accept <name> Accepted a guild invite from a guild.

/guild check Checks to see if a user has any pending guild invites.

/ guild decline <name> Declines a pending guild invite from a guild.

/guild demote <player> a player in your guild.

/guild invite <player>  a player to your guild.

/guild language <language>  Set the plugin language to your choosing!

/guild leave  your current guild.

/guild promote <player> a player in your guild.

MOTD Commands

Commands that manage a guild’s MOTD.

/guild motd  View your guild’s MOTD.

/guild motd set <motd>  Set the MOTD of your guild.

/guild motd remove Remove the MOTD of your guild.

Misc Commands

Random commands that haven’t been categorized yet.

/guild chat  Toggles the guild chat.

/guild request <guild> Send a request to join a guild.