Land Claims

/land help – Displays the help menu. You can click in the chat to navigate the menu.

/land claim – Allows claiming the land you are standing on. Also allows to buy up the land of inactive players or advertised lands. One command for all the actions. Different chat messages are indicating if a player is buying a free land, an inactive or an advertised one.

/land multiclaim – Claims multiple lands at once.

/land unclaim – Unclaims a land.

/land addfriend – Adds a friend to the land. Friends will be able to do all the stuff you are able to do except for claim management.
It is not possible to add a friend to your land, that never played on the server before!
Multiple friends can be added at once with /ll addfriend name1 name2 …

/land addfriendall – Same as normal addfriend, except that you cant add multiple friends at once.

/land unfriend – Removes a friend from the land you are standing on.
Multiple names can be removed in one go via /ll unfriend name1 name2 …

/land unfriendall – Same as normal unfriend except that only one friend can be unfriended at a time.

/land manage – Opens a management GUI. If typed with no argument, you will be managing the land you are currently standing on.

/land manageall – Same like normal manage, except settings you make will be copied to all your lands. In case you have differing permissions on your lands, mangeall will display the current state of the first found land you own.

/land list – Lists all the lands of some player. If there is no parameter, it will list your own lands.

/land info – Shows information about the land you are currently standing on. Chunk boundaries are highlighted with particles.
There are 3 types of lands: free, owned and advertised.

/land map – Toggles the land map. Displays all the surrounding lands and your relation to it (owned, friended, foreign).

/land shop – Opens a gui, where you can buy claims. Claims are the maximum amount of lands you are able to claim.

/land claims – Shows your current lands and claims in a format like 5/10. In this example, the player claimed 5 chunks and bought 10 claims before.
Is only active, if vault and an economy provider is installed.

/land home – Teleports you to your home.

/land sethome – Sets your home on your current location. Does only work, if you own the chunk you are standing on.

/land borders – Toggles the border highlighting with particles.

/land advertise – Advertises the land you are currently standing on. That means another player may buy your land for the price you set with /ll advertise.

/land removeadvertise – Removes an ad from the land you are currently standing on.